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 Chairperson        Hillman B.     313-948-8326
 Co-Chairperson       Jimmy C.  
 Sec.        Kirsten H.  
 Co- Sec.  FF   Felicia J  
 Treas.        Leslie T.  
 Co-Treas.          Greg H  W 3
 Parliamentarian         Open               
 R.C.M.        Aaron D .  
 R.C.M.-Att.        Open  
 H&I        Pearl M. 3
 P.R.        Open     33
 Helping Hand        Derrick B       313-926-7718
 Literature        Open   
 Activities          Angela F  .    
 Helpline         Pearl M.


 Outreach         Clark C. 


 Men in Recovery Chair         Lawrence B.        33
 Web servant-         Gerald G.    313-930-0067
  M.S.O. Rep          Darryl M.    313-377-0389
  Policy         George D.   313-523-8403
  DACNA Rep         Open  

 Open Positions.


This subject  is  very  important  to the  program  of  Narcotics Anonymous. Lack of willingness is hurting the fellowship. Meetings are closing down  because no one is willing to open the meeting. Our fellowship needs your "SUPPORT" to be able to live life with out drugs!

Web servant- ggrant2110@att.net

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