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The East Area Service  meeting is held on the 2nd Sunday of every month at 2:00pm at Mt. Zion Matrix Center (parking lot entrance) which is located at 13560 E. Mc Nichols Rd., Detroit, MI


State Home

2017 Administrative Body & Sub Committee Directory

Office Office Holder
Chairperson Todd H. 
Co-Chairperson Lynne W.
Secretary Renee F.
Co-Secretary Carrane S.
Treasurer Kevin R.
Co-Treasurer Kevin D.
R.C.M. Olga R.
R.C.M. ALT. Vacant
Literature Andrew B.
Policy Cyndi C.-J.
Activities Jackie M.
Helpline Cornelius J.
Outreach John D.
H & I George C.
Public Relation Louise I.
Web Servant Deborah D.
Women's Day Venus M.D.
Parliamentarian Johnny W.
Convention Rep. Robert F.
M S O Rep. Vacant