"We have learned from our group experience that those who keep coming to our meetings regularly stay clean"  basic text pg. 9

 DEASCNA Minutes 2016

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Detroit East Area NA Meetings

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Sunday                 meeting table n podium

2:30 - 5PM "Life Is to Be Enjoyed" (C)
Conner Creek Village, Classroom C (go thru lobby)
4777 E. Outer Drive, Detroit

3 - 5PM  "Stay Alive II" (BF,HA, NS, C)
Rotating Format (OS) 2nd Sun.
Encouragement Corner Church

11111 Whittier at Stratman, (near E. I-94 and Kelly),Detroit

5 - 7PM  "The Seeds of Recovery" (C,)
Church of The Messiah
231 East Grand Blvd. @ Lafayette, Detroit

6:30PM  "Whatever It Takes" (C, NS, BF) Rotating Format
St. John's Hospital, Lower auditorium
22101 Moross Rd., Detroit

6 - 8PM "Recovery on Dequindre"
(C, NS, SS)
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, btw Davison / 6 Mile
13657 Dequindre, Detroit

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1:30PM "12 Step Study II" (NS) SS
St. Johns Conner Creek Village

4777 E. Outer Drive, Detroit *Attention* Speaker Panels  Sept,, Oct,. & Nov. 2016  see calendar in the events section

6:00PM "Daily Challenge" (NS, OS ) 2nd Mon.
Bethany Lutheran Church
5901 Cadieux, Detroit

7:00PM  "Monday Night Option" (C)
True Oracle of God Ministries
1500 E. State Fair, Detroit

7:00PM "Any Addict Can Recover" (C, NS, BF)
St. John Hospital, N.E. Campus, use main entrance
4777 E. Outer Drive,  Detroit

7 - 9PM "We Do Have A Choice" (O, RF, CF, NS) Rotating Format
New Mt. Vernon Church, parking lot entrance.
521 Meadowbrook, Detroit

8:30PM  "Born Again" (C, OS 3rd Mon.)
St. Elyton Missionary Church
8903 St. Cyril, at Georgia, Detroit

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10:00AM "No Matter What"
Hope Community Church
14456 E. Jefferson @ Marlboro, Detroit MI 48215

1:30PM "I Am Somebody" (C, NS)
Victory Fellowship Church
14225 Frankfort (1 blk. W of Chalmers), Detroit

3 - 4:30PM "Tuesday Afternoon Recovery" ( NS) (HA)
Northeast Guidance Center Motor City Club House
2900 Conner@ Charleviox, Detroit

5:00PM  "Alive At Five" (C, NS, BF)
New Salem Baptist Church
2222 E. Illinois nr. Chene and Mack, Detroit

6 - 8PM  "We Choose to Change" (C, BF, NS)
Green Grove Baptist Church
2501 E. McNichols @ driveway on Arlington, downstairs, Detroit

7-9:00PM "Recovery on Holcomb"                                                                     Pure In Heart Baptist Church,  3411 Holcomb (off Mack Ave.) Detroit MI

7:30PM - "Double Trouble" (C, NS, HA)
St. John Hospital, Medical Education Center

22101 Moross, Detroit

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11:00AM  "A New Way" (C, NS, OS last Wed.)
Renaissance Baptist Church
1045 E. Grand Blvd. near Forest, Detroit

Noon - 2PM  "Taking Spirituality To Another Level III" (O)
Capucin Soup Kitchen
1264 Meldrum (bet Kercheval & St Paul), Detroit

3:00PM - 5:00PM "East Side Connection II"
The Graze Church of the Nazarene
18020 Hoover St. @ Greiner, Detroit MI

6:00PM "Everybody's Somebody" (C, OS 3rd Wed.)
Encouragement Corner Church

11111 Whittier at Stratman, (near E. I-94 and Kelly),Detroit

6:00PM  "Recovering Off Mack" (HA, NS )
Capuchin Soup Kitchen
4390 Conner, Off Mack, Detroit

7:30PM  "A Welcome Change" (C, NS, SS, OS 1st Wed.)
St. John Hospital, Conf. Rm. B
22101 Moross, Detroit
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10:00AM  "Life Goes On" (O)
St. Paul Church, enter from side
1491 Baldwin, Detroit

6 - 8PM  "The Same No More" (C, NS, OS 3rd Thurs)
St. John's Conner Creek Village
4777 E. Outer Dr., Detroit

7:30PM  "The Pointe Of Recovery" (C, OS 2nd Thurs.)
St. Michaels Episcopal Church,
20475 Sunningdale Park, 1 blk, S. of Vernier, Grosse Pointe Woods

7:30PM "Recovery In The Basement" (C,)
Cross of Glory Lutheran Church
16661 E. State Fair, corner of Kelly, Detroit

8:00PM "Winners I" (C, BF, OS last Thurs.)
Mt. Zion Church
13560 McNichols, Detroit

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10:00AM  "Change and Grow" ( NS, HA, OS 2nd Friday)
Positive Image Transition Home

13336 E. Warren
, Detroit

1:30PM  "Conscious Space" (CN, NS)
Victory Fellowship Church

14225 Frankfort (1 blk. W. of Chalmers), Detroit

3-5:00PM  "Spirit Of Recovery" (C, NS)
Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, corner of Forest
4741 Iroquois, Detroit

5:00PM "Clean A.I.R." (C, NS) Rotating Format
Conner Creek Village - Class Rm. "A"
4777 East Outer Drive, Detroit

7:00PM  "Eastside Connection 1" (C, NS)
Bethany Lutheran Church

5901 Cadieux, Detroit

8:00PM  "Keep Love Alive" (C, NS, BF)
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church

13651 Dequindre, Detroit

8:30PM "There is a Better Way"  (C, NS)
Elyton Missionary Church

8903 St. Cyril at Georgia, Detroit

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11:00AM "HAPPY NEW DAY" meeting NO Longer Active -Closed

11:00AM - "12 Step Study" (C, BFNS, SS, RF, OS last Saturday)
St. John Conner Creek
4777 E. Outer Dr.., Detroit

12:00PM - "Recovery Gives Life" (O, NS, HA, OS 2nd Saturday)
Second Timothy Baptist Church
4903 Maxwell, Detroit

2:00PM - "Runway To Recovery" (C)
Church on the Move, downstairs
2918 Hendrie at Joseph Campeau, Detroit

4:00PM - "Acceptance", (C, OS 3rd Sat, NS)
The Encouragement Corner Church
11111 Whittier @ Stratman, Detroit

5 -7:30PM "We Promise you an Atmosphere of Recovery", (O, NS)
St. John Conner Creek
4777 E. Outer Dr. , Detroit

7:00PM - "I Can't, We Can" (C, NS, BF, OS 3rd Sat.) Rotating Format
Immanuel Lutheran Church

13031 Chandler Park Dr., at Dickerson, Detroit

7:30PM - "Joyous and Free II"
(C, OS 3rd Sat, NS)
Bethlehem Lutheran Church

3510 E. Outer Drive, Detroit

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= Closed Meeting (for addicts only or those desiring to stop using)
O = Open Meeting (for all interested in recovery from addiction)
Spkr = Speaker
OS = Open Speaker
SS = Step Study
LS = Literature Study
P = Panel / Podium

RF = Rotating Format
CN = Common Needs(Men's, Women's, Gay's)
BF = Barrier Free; Accessible to Handicapped
NS = Non-smoking
D = Discussion
HA = Handicap Accessible

For a full description of N.A.'s definition
of open & closed meetings, please refer to
the World Service Board of Trustees Bulletin #15.

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