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State Home
Chair                     R                
                 Greg P.
Co-Chair   Keith  C           313-784-5509  
Secretary                     Quintin S.        313-926-9961  
Co-Secertary               Vacant       
Treasurer                      Cherise S.      313-510-8781  
Co-Treasurer                          Tondy  P.         313-790-9659  
Policy                          Valerie J. 313 313-243-4832  
R.C.M.                          Roosevelt S.         313-207-6459  
R.C.M-Alternate                        Michael F.    734-329-3268  
Policy Brian F.  313-550-1744  
H & I                         Wayman G. 313-506-6628  
Public Relations                       Vacant            
Newsletter                        Vacant            
Literature                  William H .  313-427-6430  
Activities                      Cynthia W.  313-772-0429  
Helpline Chair                       Vacant    
Outreach Chair                         Vacant    
MSO Representative                      Frank W.                 313-864-6463  
DACNA Rep                       Charles H.                  313-614-0771  
Web Servant
Gerald G.
      313-930-0067 ggrant2110@att.net