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Detroit West Area NA Meetings

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 10:30AM - Spiritual Bread (C, NS BF)
 Brightmoor Community Center
 14451 Burt Road, Detroit

 11:00AM - Sunday Morning Surrender (C, BF NS)
 Christ The King
 16888 Trinity, Detroit Park 1 blk. E. of Trinity between Grand River & 6 Mile

 3:00PM - Peace in the Valley
(O, NS)
 Metropolitan Baptist Church
 13110 14th St, Detroit (At Buena Vista, enter off 14th)

 6:00PM - Never Again (C, NS, no children)
 Greater Quinn A.M.E. Church
 13501 Rosa Parks, Detroit (at Davison)

 6:00PM - Miracles in Recovery (C, OS 4th Sun.) Candlelight
 St. Suzanne's Church (basement)
 19321 W. Chicago, Detroit (4 blks. W. of Evergreen; use Grandville St. entrance)

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 10:00AM - Let Go-Let God (C, No Children)
 Dexter & West Grand Blvd, Detroit

 10:30AM - Phoenix Group (O, C, NS)
 16400 W. Warren

 11:00AM -We Have A Higher Power
  13801 Fenkell@ Lesure Word of God Ministries (NS) (OS 1 st Mon)

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 5:30PM - Project Recovery (HA, NS, BF, OS )
 St. Suzanne's Church (behind church in portable bldg.)
 19321 W. Chicago, Detroit (Use Grandville St. entrance 4 blks. W. of Evergreen)

 7:00PM - The Ties That Binds Us (C, NS, BF, OS 2nd Mon. How & Why 3rd Mon.)
 Grace Hospital
 6035 W. Outer Drive, Detroit (at Schaefer)

 7:00PM - Willingness To Recover (C, NS, OS 3rd Mon.)
 Elmhurst Home
 12007 Linwood, Detroit (at Elmwood)

 7:00PM - We're Part Of The Solution (C, NS)
 West Minister Presbyterian Church
 17567 Hubbell, Detroit (at Outer Dr., use side door)

 7:00PM - Shared Hope (C, NS, CN, OS 2nd Mon.)
 True Love Activities Center
 8410 Tireman, Detroit (at Northlawn)

 8:30PM - Freedom From Prejudice (O, NS, HA OS 1st Mon.)
 Church Of God & St. of Christ
 15511 Dexter, Detroit (at Midland)

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 9:30AM - Learning To Love The NA Way (O, BF)
 St. Olaf Lutheran Church
 15701 James Couzens, Detroit (at Midland)

 10:00AM - Alive & Kicking (C, SS) Non-smokling tables available
 St. James Lutheran Church
 14450 Ashton, Detroit (Lyndon & Southfield service dr.)

 4:00PM - Staying Clean On Dexter (C, NS, OS last Tues.)
 St. Paul A. M. E. Zion Church
 11359 Dexter, Detroit(use side entrance)

 4:00PM to 6:00PM - Living The Dream (O, NS, HA)
 St. James Lutheran Church
 14450 Ashton, Detroit (Lyndon & Southfield service dr.)

 4:00PM to 6:00PM Unity I (O, NS, HA, BF, SS, OS 2nd Tues.) No Children
 8431 Rosa Parks at Euclid, Joseph Walker Williams Ctr.

 6:00PM - Say Yes to Recovery (C, NS, SS, Panel or OS 3rd Tues)
 Ebenezer A. M. E. Church
 5151 West Chicago, Detroit (btwn Grand River & Nardin Park, rear entrance)

 6:00PM - Recovery With Dignity (C, BF, NS)
 Hartford Agape House
 18515 James Couzens, Detroit

 7:00PM - Birds of a Feather I (O, OS 2nd Tues.) Rotating format
 Scott Methodist Church
 10372 West Chicago, Detroit (use parking lot entrance)

 8:30PM - Motor City Recovery (C, NS)
 United Congregational Church
 10811 Puritan, Detroit (at Manor)

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  12:00PM - Recovery in Process (C, BF, NS OS 2nd Weds.)
  St. James Lutheran Church
  14450 Ashton, Detroit (Lyndon & Southfield service dr.)

2:00PM - The Thought is the cause of it all
Mathis Community Center
19300 Greenfield & 7 mile rd.

  4:00PM - Been Through The Fire (O, NS, BF) Rotating Format; No children or loitering
  Joseph Walker Williams Center
  8431 Rosa Parks, Detroit

  7:00PM - Birds Of a Feather 2 (C, NS)
 Scott Memorial United Methodist
 15361 Plymouth Road (enter from parking lot)

  7:00PM - New People In Recovery (C, NS) Rotating Format
  Brightmoor Community Center
  14451 Burt Road, Detroit

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 10:00AM - Peace In Recovery ( NS)
 1926 Virginia Park @ Rosa Park
 Grace Episcopal Church, (side door off Rosa park)

 11:00AM - Fellowship Group (C, NS, BF, HA)
 Fellowship Chapel
 7707 W. Outer Drive, Detroit (2 blocks east of Southfield)

 12:00PM - Surrender Your Will
 18616 Joy Rd. West of Southfield,
 Calvary A.M.E. Zion

 4:00PM to 6:00 PM - New And Improved (HA, SS, NS, BF) No Children
 8431 Rosa Parks at Euclid
 Joseph Walker Williams Center

 6:00PM - A New Way To Live (O, NS)
 Gods Way Church Of God
 14820 Puritan, Detroit

 6:00PM - Learning To Live Drug Free (C, NS, OS 4th Thurs.)
 St. Lukes Parish
 8534 Tireman, Detroit (entrance in back)

 6:15PM - Love Makes A Difference (C, NS, OS 4th Thurs.)
 Christian Fellowship Of Love Baptist Church
 22400 Grand River, Detroit (btw Lahser/Telegraph)

 8:00PM - Listening Is Sharing Group (O, NS, BF, It Works How & Why )
 Russell Woods Church
 11417 Broadstreet, Detroit

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 10:00AM - Rise , Shine, And Free Yourself
 18400 Schaefer Hwy.Nof Loge Fwy.
 Greater Love Christian Center (NS)detroit_west_meetings.htm


 12:30PM Free To Recover (BF,NS, C)
 13125 Montrose@ Elmira(1 bk. of Plymouth)
 Salvation Army Com. Center

16515 Plymouth-Southfield&Greenfield new meeting

 4:00PM - Let's Give It a Chance (O, BF, NS) Rotating Format;( No Children or Loitering)
 Joseph Walker Williams Center, Rm. 102
 8431 Rosa Park, Detroit

 5:30PM - Recovery Happy Hour (C, BF, NS, SS)
 True Love Activites Center
 8410 Tireman, Detroit

 5:30PM - I Found A Home In NA (O, OS 3rd Fri.)
 New Bethel Baptist Church
 8430 Linwood Ave., Detroit (at Philadelphia)

 7:00PM - "Freedom To Change" (C, NS, BF) Rotating Format, Candlelight
 Grace Hospital, 1st floor auditorium
 6035 West Outer Drive, Detroit (at Shaefer)

 7:00PM - Recovery Starts Here (C,NS,HA, Rotating Format, 4th Friday No Meeting)
 Word Of God Church Ministries
 13801 Fenkell Ave

 8:00PM - Recovery On 8 Mile (C, NS)
 New St. Mark Missionary Church
 24331 8 Mile Road, Detroit (w. of Telegraph)

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 12:00PM - We Do Exist 6125 Beechwood@Milford,
  Tabernacle Missionary Church, park in rear

 1:00PM - After The Rainbow (NS) limited to 35, no children
 Highland Park
 12501 Hamilton, Highland Park

 3:00PM - Signs Of Recovery
(C, NS)
 Burnette Baptist Church
 16801 Schoolcraft, Detroit

 3:00PM  to 4:30PM - We Sought Through Prayer and Meditation (C, NS, BF, HA)
 Fellowship Chapel, 11th step meeting, 10 min. meditation
 7707 W. Outer Drive, Detroit (Oakman at Wyoming)

 5:30PM - Together We Stand (C, NS)
 Liberty Temple Baptist Church
 17188 Greenfield, Detroit

 6:00PM - Bridge Over Troubled Waters (C, NS, BF)
 New Providence Baptist Church
 18230 Plymouth Road, Detroit
 6:00PM Miracles on Linwood 7361 Linwood,New Jerusalem I
 C.O.G.I.C. Downstairs. Parking off W.Grand Blvd

 7:00PM - Spiritually Together (C, NS, CN)
 True Love Activities Center
 8410 Tireman, Detroit


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= Closed Meeting (for addicts only or those desiring to stop using)
 O = Open Meeting (for all interested in recovery from addiction)
 Spkr = Speaker
 OS = Open Speaker
 SS = Step Study
 LS = Literature Study
 P = Panel / Podium
 CN = Common Needs(Men's, Women's, Gay's)
 BF = Barrier Free; Accessable to Handicapped
 NS = Non-smoking
 D = Discussion
 HA = Handicap Accessible

 For a full description of N.A.'s definition
 of open & closed meetings, please refer to
 the World Service Board of Trustees Bulletin #15.

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