GGRASCNA Subcommittee Information

We encourage anyone with experience or willingness to get involved in NA Service.
We must always remember "we can only keep what we have by giving it away."

The Greater Grand Rapids Area Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous meets
at 7 PM on the 4th Wednesday of each month at:

  St. Peter and Paul Church

1440 Quarry Ave NW, Grand Rapids MI  49504

Public Relations

If you haven't heard yet, there's a new subcommittee called Public Relations (H&I + PI).  If you want to give back and do some service work, we meet on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 5:45 pm at St. Peter and Paul Church.

Current PR subcommittee guidelines available here


Chairperson - Gabe B. :  Prepares agenda for and facilitates PR subcommittee meetings.  Provides monthly report and budget to the Area and is responsible for the files, records and overall function of the subcommittee.  Also responds to requests from the area email account and other sources that are not covered under other positions.

Co-Chairperson - Brooke B. :  Willing to assume the duties of the Chairperson after one year and in the absence of the Chairperson.

Secretary - Kayla P. :   Keeps detailed records and minutes of PR Subcommittee meetings.

Community Outreach Coordinator - Vacant :  Serves as contact between the PR subcommittee and community contacts which include schools, government facilities, community shelters, health and medical professionals and media.

Correctional Facility Coordinator - Tom W. :  Makes NA available to any addict seeking recovery in the Kent County jail meetings on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Fellowship Development Coordinator - Lora V. :  Provides supportive services to any NA member, group, service body or NA community in need in the Greater Grand Rapids Area.

Meeting List Coordinator - Jeff K. :  Revises meeting list document and provides to print shop for duplication.

Phone line - Jeff K. :  Maintains phone line account and usage. Updates meeting information on the recordings (9pm-9am).

Treatment Facility Coordinator - Brooke B. :  Makes NA available to any addict seeking recovery in the Turning Point meetings on Monday afternoons and Tuesday evenings.

Website - Bill Z. :  Updates website for meetings, events, subcommittees, and posts relevant meeting minutes and committee guidelines.


Activities Committee

Activities Committee meets the first Monday of every month at 6:30 pm at the North Alano Club, 1020 College Ave. NE.


Chairperson - Yvonne G.

Cochairperson - Julie T.

Treasurer - Gabe B.

Secretary - Jenni T.

Facilities Coordinator - Kelly G.

Event Coordinators - Amanda Z., David M., Jenni T.