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Livingston County Service and Subcommittee Meetings

(Booklets are

Narcotics Anonymous - Basic Text - Sixth Edition
PDF of Large-Print Version - please allow time for it to display properly.
It Works: How and Why - PDF of Large-Print Version

(Booklets are in PDF format. required) 

Narcotics Anonymous - Little White Book The Group Booklet
Twelve Concepts for NA Service Introductory Guide to NA, Revised
Behind the Walls In Times of Illness
NA: A Resource in Your Community, 2010 Version  


IP #1 - Who, What, How, and Why IP #2 - The Group
IP #5 - Another Look IP #6 - Recovery and Relapse
IP #7 - Am I an Addict? IP #8 - Just for Today
IP #9 - Living the Program IP #10 - Working Step Four in NA
IP #11 - Sponsorship, Revised IP #12 - The Triangle of Self-Obsession
IP #13 - By Young Addicts, For Young Addicts IP #14 - One Addict's Experience...
IP #15 - PI and the NA Member IP #16 - For the Newcomer
IP #17 - For Those in Treatment IP #19 - Self-Acceptance
IP #20 - H&I Service & the NA Member IP #21 - The Loner - Staying Clean in Isolation
IP #22 - Welcome to NA IP #23 - Staying Clean on the Outside
IP #24 - Money Matters Self Support in NA IP #26 - Accessibility for Those with Additional Needs
IP #27 - For the Parents or Guardians Of Young People in NA IP #28 - Funding NA Services

Group Readings

Meeting Readings

Who Is an Addict?
What Is the NA Program?
Why Are We Here?

How It Works

The Twelve Traditions of NA

Just for Today
  We Do Recover  


LCASCNA Literature

This section is a resource for literature specific to the Livingston County Area of Narcotics Anonymous, and is provided for consistency and availability of literature

Livingston County Area Service Committee of NA - Area Guidelines
Livingston County Area Service Committee of NA - Public Relations Guidelines

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