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Cloud of Hope and The Newaygo Group of NA

2nd Annual Campout

      August 12th,13th and 14th, 2016



Held at Diamond Lake County Park- 20 minutes north of White Cloud, Mi.

$5.00 per person, per night

$6.00 a day for car permit


There are 2 cabins available to rent, first come first serve.


*We are looking for a t-shirt design and for people to submit their ideas and or artwork, get them in as soon as possible.



Speaker meeting Friday night at 8pm 


Speaker meeting Saturday night at 8pm


Potluck Saturday afternoon at 4pm


Recovery items will be raffled


Any Questions please call Gene (231) 675-4878


Kayaking, boating, swimming, fishing and fellowshipping.


State Home


      The unity that supports our common welfare is created not only by working together but by playing together. The friendships we develop outside meetings strengthen NA unity. Fellowship activities provide opportunities for us to relax, socialize with each other, and have fun. Conventions, dinners, and holiday celebrations give us a chance to celebrate our recovery while practicing social skills. Picnics, dances, and sports days, for example, often allow our families to participate, too. We strengthen our sense of community when we share more than just meeting time. Stronger relationships develop as we become more involved in each others lives. The care and understanding born of these relationships are strong threads in the fabric of NA unity.

"It Works, How and Why pg. 129"